Review by Adrian Bromley

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

I will never understand how someone creates music as beautiful as VLE, and I mean that in the most sincere way.  Ethereal. Haunting.  Godly.  So many words can be uttered from my mouth to describe the blend of warmth and comfort this music exudes, but that would take up this whole review page.  This, the third chapter in a line of work from VLE, continues from where his mostly atmospheric/experimental work left off, a winding road of creative soundscapes and beautiful passages effortlessly woven together as one.  I was never really expecting to be moved by an instrumental project, but VLE has affected me in many ways.  My vision is clearer and my world is at ease with the music playing in the background, a time in which I can reflect and take in the moments I am given as the CD plays along.  You too should throw on some headphones and invest in finding your "moment" with VLE.  Greatness all around!

Rating: 9.5/10