Review by Trial

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

Since, I think, round about two years the VLE creates great and independent music under the banner of his his self - named project.  Book of Illusions: Chapter III is, of course, the third part of a trilogy, which will find his end with this part.  Hopefully the VLE will start a new one, or something similar, because this chapter is a real masterpiece!

The sound of the release is really great!  It is raw but homogeneous and created in way that it forms a symbiosis with the dark and atmospheric kind of music.  You can go even further and name it a vital part of the music, because the VLE uses the sound to create a very special, deeply emotional kind of atmosphere.

To describe the music is a very difficult task, because again it is a mixture of several completely different styles.  Again there are strong influences from the Dark - Wave - music, but these are far less than they had been on the two first chapters.  Instead of these, now the Folk - music combined with a kind of Black - Metal, remindind me of BURZUM the one or the other time, plays the real big role.  Over this music the VLE shrieks, grunts and sings, together with a GREAT female singer, whose voice is simply wonderful!  All this is mixed up with hall effects and a few samples.  Out of this mixture a kind of atmosphere and music grows up, which is incredible!  Everyone, who listens to the music of VLE can't ward off diving into a dark and wonderful dimension of dreams and imaginations. Book of Illusions: Chapter III is definitely one the most emotional releases ever.  The two first parts were really good, but this one is simply to be called great!

I can't tell you something about the texts, but if are as good as the music, they must be great.  I am the opinion that everybody, who likes dark emotional orientated music like Metal, Dark - Wave, Industrial, Folk etc. will like this release too.  It has an atmosphere, which is thus dense and intensive that really no one, who likes the styles, named some lines before, can resist...

Rating: 10/10

Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II

VLE is a since July 2001 existing one man Dark Wave project, which released already two albums in this short time, which are the two first parts a trilogy.  The third part of it is recorded already and will appear in some time. I will review the first two parts.

The sound of the first two chapters of the the Book of Illusions is completely identical so that I will review them together.  Unbelievably, but true: The whole music was recorded with a very simple recorder.  Unbelievably because the sound of the release is great!  So every instrument has a clear and good sound and all them were put together in a homogeneous way.  Only the acoustic guitars could have been put more in the foreground.

The music of VLE, which officially is declared as Dark Wave to be precise Electric Dark Experimental Soundscapes is in my opinion, more than that.  From my personal point of view it is a mixture of many musical genres.  The result is a very atmospheric intended symbioses of Black Metal, which forms the singing, Gothic Metal, which offers itself in the guitar playing, and neoclassical music, which you can find in the riffing of the acoustic guitar. VLE now combines all these elements with Dark Wave and some progressive parts.  But these sometimes disturb the order of the song.

All the songs are very slow, but the dynamic within the songs changes, which creates an effect, which is similar to a change of the speed.  The atmosphere, which results from all that, can`t be caped!  Because of that the music of VLE is a great medium to relax and dream.  The lyrics are scanty and they aren`t available for me, but because of the intention of the music they aren't thus important.

The music of VLE is something for EVERY friend of dark, meditative music, who is willing to dive into it!

Rating: 8/10