Review by Menelaos Megariotis

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

So, here's the new work of ~the VLE~, the third chapter from his Book of Illusions.  Once again, the music is very good, dark, atmospheric and melodic.  All instruments are played (and in fact improvised) by ~the VLE~, who still refuses to give any more details about the person behind the nickname.  Back to the music now, there's something really beautiful in this person's works: they are all able to take you away, on a magical journey over seas, mountains and plains, rivers, forests and lakes... Accept the challenge, and come together to see the Sunset over the Ocean, see the eagles flying in the evening sky, the old ships leaving the safety of a port, once again.  Atmosphere is the keyword, and this third chapter in ~the VLE~'s Book of Illusions will surely make you shiver...

The album begins with a good old friend, Kano which has appeared earlier in one of the first two chapters - but such a great piece is always a nice thing to listen to. O ther than that, this record includes nine more songs, almost all of which are good, but the best ones are The Arrival, Ancient Song Set Ablaze, Diana's Rebirth, Now You Cry and the closing I Will Return... And hopefully, ~the VLE~ will return!!  Till then, I urge you to order this album, from the homepage of the artist.  You can travel the world with only $7...

Rating: 7.5/10

Book of Illusions: Chapter I

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to a new, magical world.  The VLE is the person behind the trilogy which's first title I am desperately trying to find words to review, at the moment.  Inspired by ocean's sunsets and powerful emotions he began to work on a project by himself, using only his imagination, and his instinct, not even knowing how to play any instruments.  I really don't know how to describe this majestic work!  Ambient, dark, emotional, brutal, whatever, only one word comes to my mind with each song: journey.  From the very first song, Kano, an ambient diamond you will understand what you are about to experience... Going on, we find Freedom To Fly and then Behold The Night ||| Beyond Sunsets which will leave you breathless with its great melodies.  On to Timeless, another short track, and then we have the flutes of 3 in 5.  Now we find Drift, a more powerfull song, characterized by the heavier guitars and the amazing riff which dominates it.  Last song is Stark, another ambient composition which is there only to enchant you with the rich and pure sentimentality it offers. The ideal way to close a fantastic record...

If I recommend it, you said?  Something more than that!  This is the ideal way to relax, the only passport you need to escape for a while, the one and only ticket which will take you anywhere you wish... Maybe some of you will find it too soft, but it doesn't matter.  For those of us who find pleasure not only in heavy, angry music but also in atmospheric melodies, this is a pure diamond.

Journey... Travel... Ocean... This work will take you to another dimension, another place, another time... Simply put Book Of Illusions: Chapter I in your CD player, turn off the lights and let the VLE take you over the ocean seas, discover new lands and feel the angry waves, the heat of the sun, the strength of wind in your hair... Don't refuse this chance!

Rating: 9/10