Review by Niall

Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II

After reading Wes' review (see below) I must state that I completely agree with everything that he said.  This man has the ability to transcend and apparently stop time in his music.  There is something dark, mysterious and frightening about this ability that I fear many people will choose to ignore or overlook this majestic work of art.  It would be their own loss if they chose to do so as this is simply the most beautiful, deep and most importantly genuine sounding music that has ever graced my ears.

The info sheet claims that the VLE convey many raw human emotions in their music including "melancholy", "duality", infinity" and "harmony" amongst many others.  Such a statement to me would normally seem arrogant or downright pompous, yet there is no false arrogance here as the VLE actually to manage to create seemingly unrehearsed free flowing ambient sounds comparible not to other musicians but to natural human emotions and spontanious tendencies.

If I had to draw comparisons I would say look no further than BURZUM.  The pain and overall natuarality of the sound is comparible to classic BURZUM in its ambience, like the timeless intro for the masterpiece "Det Som Engang Var" which he was never able to replicate in his later day ambient experimentations.  BURZUM is definately the best comparison I can draw to as the music does lean toward Black Metal in its heavier sections and the overall primal rhythmic nature can again be likened to tracks such as "Dunkelheit" only in a more rounded way with much less of a misanthropic edge.

Where BURZUM was undoubtedly Black Metal this is so much more and transcends the generic headings completely.  Music needs more artists of this calibre yet I still fear for the survival of this artist as he will probably vanish before even being discovered by many until its too late.  Why has this project not been snapped up by some label?  Does music not need that splash of originality and genuine power ro revive interest in failing genres?

I realise I have not spoken about the music deeply other than to liken it with feeling.  This is not my fault as it will effect everyone different as in certain moods you pick out different sections to relate to.  Kano the intro to both parts of this disc is possibly my favourite track but everything merges into one timeless journey into human thought and emotion despite poor abprupt endings to each track (a fade out would have helped).

Simply put this is a masterpiece, but due to the lack of finance and the fact that it was recorded mostly on a four track this is an overlooked genius who has come, as Wes stated, well before his time.

Rating: 10/10

Review by Wes

Book of Illusions: Chapter I

Time never stops. It keeps moving in all circumstances when you are bleeding when your heart is broken when your cancer ridden dying and passing on the passing is time.  It cares not, when you want the rain to stop time pushes it further when you have your first kiss and you want time to go forever, it ends. Time is a cruel bastard never ending relentless and stedfast in its pursuit to crush or you or make you and if you play it right it can make you a genius, and if you gamble with it, it can make you loose everything.  time........unescapable.

A one man project who's only rule is to experiment to create atmosphere, to plan nothing to creature and venture into texture's without the use of pre-conception.  Dropping all thoughts of digitizing multi layeredpsyncopated time signature changes and looping effects to sparce themselves segued into one sparratic moment, nothing like this is happening on a VLE disc.

What VLE has done is something that should be more celebrated than the beautifull and highly stimulating music he has created.  He cheated the most brutal force we know of, time.  He cheated time because just like time forces you to take the moments to plan to create beauty or hatred or sorrow, whatever expression you are looking for, the VLE proved it can be done at the same pace as time.

With no pre planning the VLE created all elements of human emotion in the same line as time along side the most brutal of all elements terror, mistakes, failure, critisisim, unworthyness all staring him in the face in the shape of time he defeated time.

This is probably a little deep for a lot of you and its probably just a little to steep for me as well but what you don't understand is what a piece of work we have here.  Like Burzum meets Pink Floyd the utter sadness and desperation is unparalleled.

I wish I could find my Chapter 2.  I think this is WAY ahead of its time I shudder to think of what is inside of the mind of the VLE but at the same time I beg for a trip I hunger to feel the pain.