Review by Adrian Butler

Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II

Here we have the first 2 chapters of a trilogy - the third and final chapter will see the light of day soon, I believe, and I am looking forward to it.  VLE (Virtual Listening Experience) is all its name says it is - 'raw eclectic soundscapes expressed though usage of experimental technique'!  Like something you might find on Voices of Wonder, VLE is full of minimalist atmospheres brought together with drums, keyboards, guitars and voices - all the recipes of a normal band, but it's very inspiring in the way it carries itself along, creating timeless and melancholic emotions.  With tracks like A Scene From a Tree, Trilogy of the I, Beyond Sunsets or Freedom to Fly, just imagine yourself in a desert... alone except for the sunset on a hilltop with just the sound of the wind against your clothes; or even crouched in a darkened room with only yourself for company.  This music provides a release from pent up feelings of despair and pain in a thoughtful and meaningful method, kinda like coming back from a place where a person's self worth and soul is found and breathes a message of hope back within.  Both CDs make sense on their own, and with the third already recorded, will complete a nice package if you really need something to ease your mind from torment. That's not to say you need to be mentally disturbed to reap the benefits!  This is magical, monumental and inspiring.  I don't know how many copies there are of these, but check out the mp3 samples first and listen to them - I don't think you'll have to listen to them more than once to understand what I mean and what VLE is all about.  Powerful stuff!

Rating: 8/10