Interviewer: Anton
May 2003

-Ok, let s go. What new had happened since our last talk (except your new album)?

Well, not much really. As usual, I've been hibernating… just keeping to myself while tying to cope with the reality of this existence... and let me tell you, it isn't easy. But mostly, I've been busy dealing with the press since the release of the new album in February.

-What can you say about Book Of Illusions Chapter III? Are you satisfied with it? Do you see any mistakes in it after some time left? Is it the last chapter of your conceptual?

As with the other chapters, it is different yet the same in that each piece tells a story but when listened to in sequence these stories reflect different moods which under the right circumstances and environment will produce a response specific to the individual. To be honest I'm never totally satisfied, but with these recordings I don't really worry too much about it… after all it's not like it is something I planned out so there are technical mistakes everywhere. The songs were mostly improvisations with no-retakes, so there are some non-conventional things happening on all my releases. For me, the most important thing is that the atmosphere is properly laid out. At the moment I have no plans to release another chapter, but I never planned on releasing any of this music to begin with, so I guess only time will tell…

-You use in your conception meaning Chaos. What is the Chaos for you? Is it only living form of this meaning or something else?

As humans we tend to look towards a harmonious existence, but fail to accept the existence of the chaos that surrounds. In order to truly live we must embrace the chaos, which encompasses the entire existence of all matter as it relates to human suffering and happiness. Within chaos you will find harmony and much more so it is fitting that chaos breeds life, while order breeds habit.

-How did you form your own original style? It seems like a total improvisation and very, very intellectual and original improvisation.

Well, I don't know that my style is all that original but I do write what I feel and don't really concentrate on how a piece should be arranged or what particular notes I should use. I think the fact that I don't have any technical training (music theory) allows me this freedom because I really have no idea what is supposed to work with what… I just do whatever I want… whatever comes out at that moment is exactly what I mean, so I don't change it. Throughout my life I have been exposed to different genres of music so that too has a big influence on my writing approach. Also one should consider that when I wrote most of this material I was in a very fucked up mental state… so basically the music is a look inside my head during these dark periods.

-There are not so many albums, which bring us mysterious and beautiful atmosphere. On my opinion, they are Burzum "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", Abigor "Orkblut The Retaliation", Ulver "Bergtatt", Mortiis "Crypt Of The Wizard", Vinterriket "Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes" and some others. Your works, on my opinion, can be brought to this group of albums. Do you think I am right? What albums, on your opinion, can be brought to this category?

Well, this is not for me to judge… you're impressions are as valid as you believe. I can only say that I am a fan of Ulver and Abigor so I must thank you for the great compliment.

-Let s speak about your lyrics. Why you didn t print it in albums? I think it is very interesting for fans and it can help do understand your music more better.

I don't print the lyrics because I don't want people to separate the vocals from the music. For me the vocals are treated as just another. Besides, some of the lyrics are not actual words at all but expressions of emotion… sometimes portrayed as melody, harmony but often times it adds rhythm to a piece.

-Do you have any contract now? I quiet don t understand why labels don t want to sign you?

No, no contract. I don't either ;). Actually I have had some label interest, but again I haven't really aggressively pursued any labels yet.

-How do you characterize your own style? There are so many touches and elements.

Eclectic Dark Experimental Soundscapes. Yes, and this is most apparent when you listen to the music with headphones. I encourage everyone to do this. I had to mix this music using headphones as a monitoring source because of my living situations and the fact that I had no monitors at the time. So, if you really listen there is a lot more going on in the music that you won't hear if you just listen with speakers. There are sonic interactions that sometimes freak me out because I don't even know where some of the sounds are coming from… it's somewhat trippy. For me it has always been about allowing ones self to be taken away by the music… traveling. And it only makes sense for me to go to different places. Thus allowing your visualizations to become more varied since there is not one specific thing you will notice. These are the elements that touch the soul…

-What do you think about your own scene? I think, there are some interesting bands your lands like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Immolation, but all this bands plays brutal death metal. And what about other kind of music? In other styles I can mark only Agalloch, Novembers Doom, Fall Of Empyrean, Evoken and Judas Iscariot. The last, if we speak truthfully, left USA some years ago.

There are many bands playing some hard-core, grind core, death metal, emo, etc… but most of these bands don't move me. I never really got into the traditional death metal sounds. I enjoy the sounds of the more atypical bands like Maudlin of the Well… there is also a band called While Heaven Wept that I have just started to listen to. I do like some of the stuff by Novembers Doom, Evoken and Agolloch, but I mostly listen to non-American based metal bands.

-You lives in USA and I must to ask you the next question. What do you think about Iraq war and dirty fucker named George Bush ? Do you think he can aggress world conflict?

I think the Iraq war is just the beginning… I don't think too much about Bush. He could be the anti-christ for all we know… so what do I care? The American people didn't even vote for him, so from the beginning the signs were there. He has his own agenda and it is clear that the people of the USA have no say in the matter. Money, power, revenge… no mater, I'm sure we'll all meet up again in the end.

-Have ever played in a real band? Maybe you have any side projects? Why you don t want to make Vle a real group? You can t find needing persons?

Yes, I play in one now. I don't care to make VLE a band effort.

-Have ever thought about leaving USA and moving to another country? If I understand you right, you hate your own city? (Sorry if I m not right)?

Yes, I'd like to move out of this country some day… I don't want to die here. I wasn't born in the USA, so I don't feel a natural connection to this environment. I don't like noise and crowded places and NYC is just that. It's also dirty and there are not many natural surroundings around, so for me this is not a place I am too comfortable with.

-How do you characterize your own philosophy? Do you have your own world in your mind?

Just as well as I characterize my music, I suppose. I don't really feel that I have a specific philosophy I practice… even so; I couldn't fully articulate it with mere words. Yes, I have my own world, don't you?

-What do you want to change in people in your country and all over the world? What, on your opinion, people do wrong? Why we can see on TV this entire local and other conflicts, sometimes wars, so often?

I wish people would be more open-minded and less attached to material things. I would like that people would start to really care about the simple things in life and actually wake up to the reality of their existence. The television is the biggest propaganda machine. Why do we see the wars? Well, because they are happening and people want to see it. Unfortunately, they don't want to believe it. For some it is actually entertaining. They look at these scenes like some fantasy movie with all the hi-tech machines and explosions, but they won't show you the men, women and children bleeding on the earth as the bombs drop and bullets fly. They tell you so and so is a threat to the peace of the planet, yet they never seem to catch this so-called threat. I don't know much about politics; I'm just a musician. I want peace, but as a realist I know this isn't the path the world is willing to take.

-You live in New York and I want to ask you the next question. What did you do on September 11 2001? Did you see all this Armageddon or you knew about it later? Really I was shocked. I was sitting near my computer when my dad called me to the kitchen to watch TV. He said that that cool action film is going on it. Only after five minutes we understood what had happened? It was unreal. Real holocaust.

As I was preparing to go to work I received a phone call from a relative telling me to turn on the TV. For me it was more of a spectacular event than surprising. Yes, in a way it was unreal, but it was something I thought would happen someday… an attack on NYC. It was only a matter of time. I saw a plane crash into the second building and when both towers fell. Shortly thereafter, I turned off the TV and worked on some music. I never did go to work that day… the trains weren't operating and it was difficult to get anywhere near that part of the city. I don't live too far where it happened and could see the black smoke towering up to the sky. Days later the smoke and stench of rotting flesh wafted through my window. I think it woke up a lot of people and made everyone around the world very afraid. If this can happen in one of the major cities in the most "powerful" country in the world, then no one is safe. Too bad it took something like that to make them realize the truth.

-Ok, the last question. Imagine: you are alone in the wild island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Maybe there is a tribe of dreadful cannibals on it. What will you do?

Hmm, kill them all so I can have some peace and quiet…

-Thank you very much for the interview, my friend. Hope to see you soon to drink some beer with you. Your last words and wishes?

Once again, thanks for all your support and interest in my work. And to all the others who are still reading this, I invite you to my domain: http://www.mp3.com/vle… explore my book of illusions. Play it Loud. Hail and Kill!