Review by Scorpio

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

Let's mix raw black metal, progmetal, ambient, gothic, darkwave, psychodelic rock.  "It can't be! That's illusion!" you will say. Let's mix melancholy, chaos, light, darkness, pain, depression, purity, dirt, melody, noise, harmony, beaty, terror, infinity.  "It can't be!  That's illusion!" you will say again.  YES!  That's illusions, but it can be!  Don't believe me?  Just get last album by VLE project, coming from USA.  Specially for you he named his trilogy "Book of Illusions". And this year he released the third chapter of his fundamental work.  So, what will you say now? You will see how can all these different themes and concepts go together.

Personally I love this music, love its extraordinarity.  It's impossible to give the exact style determination, and it's gret!  All is here - from chaos of black metal till beauty and melancholy of psychodelic rock.  Don't try to label this music.  It's MUSIC!!!  When you need to relax just listen to these wonderful melodies.  Close your eyes and open your mind... Let your soul fly... Fly through amazing sounscapes... Fantasy... Illusions...

There are no words to describe this music! Just open it, the Book of Illusions!

Rating: 10/10