Reviews by DeAtHgOd

Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II

The work that I'm going to review is a very particolar project that let your mind travel through dark places and your subconscious: ~ the VLE ~ was born on july 2001 as experimental project, all records and compositions are improvisation, without re-record or adjust anything, simply the ideas and the feeling of the moment was captured by an old 4-track recorder.  Result?  Excellent!  17 songs that, if you listen to them in the right way, they will bring you out of the world, a trip accompanied by pretty and melancholic melodies produced by a keyboard, a sad and rhythmical guitar and by a bakgrounded drums with its suffering beats.

Impossible to define the genre, it's a mix between a rock base, dark sounds, standing out the electronics parts and a strong searching of a style very near to the ambient one, everything mixed with subtle skill... the only way to listen to this great work is: sit down, be quiet and close your eyes, stop to think, don't move and let those hypnotic melodies pass through the most hidden layers of yourself and you will find yourself.  You will see more things in this way than traveling for a lot of days.

All the work results more fantastic if we think that is all improvised and that ~ the VLE ~ is a self-thought guitarist, he isn't a drummer neither a keyboarder but he can create a great work such this, those songs greatly express the beauty of the darkness, the melancholy of existence, and they are full of sensuality; of course, there is some imprecision (but it is impossible to not have one) but I can say that is a work near the perfection, to have at any cost!

By the way, at www.mp3.com/vle you can download all the songs in mp3 format, but I really suggest to buy the cd in order to support the artist and in order to preserve all the quality of the sound and of the artwork that is, in my opinion, perfect for the music and very well projected.