Interviewer: Arjan
May 2002

Where did you get the idea of starting a improvising-based project?

I don't think it was a conscious thought as much as something that I just did naturally. When the mood hits me, I create music. I don't think much about how or why I do it. I think it was more like something I must do.

What are the thoughts and emotions going through your head while recording?

Most times I imagine open wide spaces, vastness… ocean sunsets, fresh air and open skies… all this is just my desire for freedom. It is an intense desire for silence that brings about thoughts of solitude… wanting to escape the noise and crowds of the city where I live. When I am creating I feel the freest. Usually I feel very confused before hand, but once I begin creating and capturing it on tape, things become more clear in my mind. I know it definitely has a calming affect on me.

Where do you get inspiration for the songs you write?

I listen to a lot of different styles of music, so I think this definitely influences my writing style as. There is no one specific person or thing that inspires me, but I do feel a close affinity towards the visual stimuli of ocean sunsets. I like to think that my music mimics the waves of the ocean and is parallel to the time when the sun sets into the infinite ocean… where it is neither completely dark nor light.

How do you start writing the songs and how are the ideas build to full songs?

Every song is different. I don't have any set formula for anything I do when it comes to creating music. As you know the music of VLE is improvised so I just go along with whatever my subconscious dictates. A song is finished when I am satisfied with the atmosphere. Still, I cannot pinpoint just how that is achieved. I suppose on some level I have no idea what I'm doing… if I did, I could probably explain it to you in a more concrete way, but for me this is more of an emotional creative process, which has nothing to do with theory or basic song structure. A song can last 40 seconds or 9 minutes and still say what needs to be said. I never concern myself with the length of any piece. I think every song has its own life. The only thing I can say for certain is that a song always starts with me picking up an instrument and playing a simple melody… in the dark… with candles burning… the rest is beyond explanation.

Do you throw away a lot of material?

I don't think so. I mean, I have material that others may never hear, but I don't consider it as "throw away".

The vocals on the cd, are they improvised too?


In the bio you write that you are most interested in hearing the impressions your music give the listener. Why is that, what do you do with that?

I find it very interesting that someone can create something for themselves and others can appreciate it. A lot of the music you hear today is made with the absolute intent for public consumption. The music of VLE was only meant for my ears only. It was only by suggestion and boredom that it was released in the first place. "What do I do with that?" Well, I think it is a beautiful feeling to create music that stirs the soul of others, don't you?

The cd is part of a trilogy, what can you tell about that trilogy?

The next Book is more aggressive, darker, even more diverse and melodic. The music is already complete. I haven't decided when I will release, maybe I won't…

All the songs are available through mp3.com, do you get a lot of reactions from people who have visited your site and downloaded your songs?

Yes, and it is all very encouraging. It is great to hear from people from all over the world with so many different musical backgrounds. The music seems to appeal regardless of genre.

Is your cd also commercially available?

Yes, if anyone wants to obtain a copy of any of my CDs, they can write to me here: vle25@hotmail.com

All the material released so far is recorded several years ago, are you still recording improvised songs or what is the current status of VLE?

Yes. I will continue to record new material all the time in this way.

And the future?