Interviewer: Lalo
September 2003

1. First of all let us know how the recent BOOK OF ILLUSIONS 3 is coming out and if you are happy with the response.

Book of Illusions: Chapter III was released in February 2003. So far the response has been very positive.

2. Why reason the long delay between this one and the previous Book II??? It is difficult to you reach a good inspirational field??? How the hard side of the life influence into your compositions?

All the music was completed years ago, but on Chapter III I wanted to improve on the sound quality of the mixes (without taking away too much from the overall atmosphere) with some new audio processing software a friend sent me. So once I felt more motivated and not so lazy, I finished the boring technical work and released Chapter III. Basically, I tried to clear up the excess noise, crackles and pops. As far as inspiration goes, I've found that my life provides ample amounts of "hard side" for me to draw from… the bullshit never seems to end.

3. What is the concept behind the cover of the new album??

The paintings that grace the covers of the Book of Illusions trilogy were done by Disney artist Christophe Vacher ( The title of the painting on Chapter I & II is called "The Legacy". It matters not that the individual is male or female as it is just a representation of a source of energy. So, it can also be seen as a non-human entity. In this regard, the figure could then represent a candle… the bright light that surrounds does not come from this candle, but from the knowledge contained in a book. But this knowledge or light is always surrounded by clouds/darkness and isn't easily read or understood. I am sure the artist had his own vision for this piece, but to me it possesses a very personal and surreal meaning. In this way, the visual art is directly related to the music. The cover painting on Chapter III is called "Expectations"... again, we see this figure represented as a "woman", but now she is more visible. As she stands alone along the cliffside she looks out towards the endless sea... is she waiting for the ship to come or is it leaving? The title of the painting would lead one to believe it is the former, but I don't know this for sure, so it is for this reason I chose it for the cover of Chapter III. For me it represents an unknown expectation. Besides all this, I just feel that Christophe Vacher creates beautiful expressive art. His works move me...

4. What is the reason you are only releasing self-made CDs and not well produced albums??? Don't you have received any offer from a label??

Basically a friend of mine heard a few of my pieces and encouraged me to let others hear it. It wasn't until many years later one night in 2001 while feeling bored and curious that I decided to put a song up on After receiving a lot of positive feedback and requests for more music, VLE was finally realized. So, everything happened and continues to go along as I receive energy from the people. It wasn't really an idea to do this, but more a calling… I had no idea how far this would go, so I just take everything day by day because I know it could all end tomorrow. At this point, I would love for a label and/or distributor to help out. I have heard from a few labels, but I don't think they are brave enough to follow through. I know that if I had a label and distributor behind me, I'd be able to reach more people… it's the only reason why I would want to collaborate because I'm not so much interested in money and fame. I don't care if anyone knows who I am… the music and how it affects others is the only thing that matters to me. You have to understand that this started off as just me alone with my pain, and now others have heard this and they write to me and tell me they can see the beauty in it, the sadness, the joy and utter despair while still gaining strength and inspiration from it, so that helps drives VLE forward. So far I have heard from a few labels expressing interest in my works, but I doubt that they will be brave enough to follow through.

5. It is hard to you to perform everything at the same level?? Don't you have any guest musician making part on this album???

I'm not trained in musical theory, so I use my ear as my guide. Michael Molina played the live acoustic drums on the song Kano. I performed all other instruments including vocals.

6. Your music is closely linked with nature, how so you feel a love for environment??

I think it's just in my blood. Even though I have lived in the USA for many years, I was not born here and I've never much cared for city life with its thick air, closed in buildings and human infested streets... I long for the serenity and quietude of activity that only nature provides. That's where I feel most comfortable. So in a way my music is a reflection of this desire to go home, to draw closer to my roots... to be free.

7. What the name of the band means????

The letters VLE are taken from the phrase the eViL onE. Unfortunately, I have come across many frightened people that like to judge me. They see me as this evil dark individual... and for a while I started to believe this myself. I began signing the end of my letters with ~the eViL onE~ as a sort of sarcastic mocking. So when I first released this music I decided that I would just refer to myself as ~the VLE~ and call my project VLE. The music is just a reflection of this misinterpretation... the illusion as seen through eyes of the flesh. In the end, VLE is just a Virtual Listening Experience, nothing more.

8. Now the trilogy is completed, this is the finish for VLE or would you start a new adventure in the future??

I'm always interested in new adventures so I hope to continue with VLE.

9. How could you define your music for the people who have not heard your music?

ECLECTIC DARK EXPERIMENTAL SOUNDSCAPES... or however you chose to define it.

10. Some kind of plans for the future??

Unfortunately I don't really have any plans... only hopes and dreams. I hope to release some more music while I continue to dream of my death. So, you can expect the unexpected...