Review by Abomination

Book of Illusions: Chapter I, II & III

Much words must be given about this project, because it's one of the best bands I've heard in the last years, but the most surpising thing is the amazing and unique result obtained by this guy with very basic recording equipment.

Well, but what's VLE?  This is a solo project created in July 2001 with the goal of creating music based on experimentation and improvisation, capturing emotions and feelings of the moment, and he has done it very well.  But how can we describe his music in a few words, well, the guy himself describes it as Dark Experimental Soundscapes, a very wide range definition, but in his own words, a kind of conjunction between Burzum and Pink Floyd, which in my opinion is very restrictive, because the work done by VLE sounds similar to a lot of bands and to none at the same time.  Because, it's a kind of sound kaleidoscope, with a huge collection of different sounds and influences but sounding like nothing else, really interesting!  We were lucky to get from the guy himself all the VLE discography, summarized on three discs, well, correctly two, because the first two releases (both are Mini Albums) are available on one single disc, all under the conceptual title of Book of Illusions, where the first one is correctly described by this own author as "darkness", representing the more "metallic" and obscure side of VLE's music, where we also can notice compositions on a more primitive stage, but it's comprehensible, it's a sort of demo with a length clocking the 25 minutes, but please don't misunderstand me, the music is fullfilled of feelings, really enjoyable.  The second chapter is described itself as the beautiful side of his music, and I totally agreed, being the main difference with it's predecessor that it's a complete and ambient masterpiece and shows us that the guy is really a talented musician/artist, no more words to say.   Finally is the third chapter, described as Chaos, and it's the perfect mixture between the first two discs, but reaching emotional levels hightly superieor than the first two ones, being definitively the best chapter of this excellent trilogy.  It's really hard to give a deep analysis about the VLE's music, because it can not be clearly described by words, reaching it's best effect at the deep of the night hours, in complete solitude, it's not for a massive audience.

Finally, the few influences what came into my head after listening this jewel are some passages of noctilucent music maestros as Vlpecula (hi Chuck), Monumentum Arcturus (My Angel) and the carming of Ship of Fools.  I must insist, VLE is one of the most original artists I have had the pleasure to listen to... and without a doubt he will get the deserved attention.