Interveiwer: Lycanthrope
November 2001

Embers : Could you give us an introduction to the band and its members?

Well, I'm the sole member of the entity know as VLE. I utilized a boom-box, 4-track, acoustic & electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, computer and my voice to produce all sounds. I reside in New York City, USA and released the these sounds to the world in July 2001.

Embers : Do you have any more releases?

I have released 2 CDs: Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II. Chapter I contains more of the metallic dark ambient gothic sounds and Chapter II is comprised primarily of mood/dark ambient/new age atmospheric music.

Embers : How was your latest CDemo received by the press and the fans?

So far the reviews from magazines have been very positive and the people who listen and write to me are also quite taken in by the atmospheres of the sounds.

Embers : Did the release of your demo bring you new opportunities like big gigs and record deals?

Well, since VLE is not an actual band, there haven't been any live gigs. At this time I don't have any desire to take this into a live situation. As for record deals, I haven't been in contact with any labels yet.

Embers : How would yourselves describe your musical style?

Eclectic Dark Experimental Soundscapes... but it's probably a bit more complicated than that.

Embers : Who do you see as your biggest influence?

I can't say that one person influenced me, it is more like situations or things have influenced me. I am very attracted to ocean sunsets, silence and darkness. Interactions I have with other humans influence me in that sometimes I am compelled to write because of the emotions that I experience are so strong that I feel I must express myself in some way without having to actually hurt anyone else.

Embers : What makes your band different from other bands?

I think the music is not like others in that it consists of many different styles from song to song yet retains a similar vibe throughout.

Embers : Does your band play live often? With whom did you share the stage, and where will you be playing soon?

No, VLE is not a live project.

Embers : Did you already enter metal competitions? How did you score? What were the comments in general?

No, I haven't.

Embers : Do you want to continue seriously with the band, or will it be mainly be for pleasure and a hobby?

Everything I put time into musically, I take quite seriously so, if I do continue with VLE, you can be sure that it will be a serious effort.

Embers : What can you tell us about the recording of this demo?

Well, I can tell you that none of the music on the CDs was meant for anyone else but me to hear. For this reason the production is not top studio quality, but then again it is quite special to me in a personal way. Most of the first tracks were recorded on an old 4-track and then later imported into a computer where keyboards, percussion and vocals were added. Everything was improvised and recorded in real-time without click tracks, so the music has a very loose feel. For instance, the drum sounds were played after the guitars were recorded without use of a click track, so it was my own inner rhythm that I relied on. Not perfect of course, but very real. I played the drum parts using my keyboard and two fingers. I did not program one drum pattern. Even though I played all the instruments and even used my voice on these recordings, I only consider myself a guitar player. The music was recorded with a lot of emotion and I think it translates as such. Some of the songs were created at very dark times in my life. So the creative process, the recording and all the manipulation were very therapeutic for me... very necessary.

Embers : Can you give us a short walk through your lyrics?

As with the music the vocals were also improvised. I can tell you that my lyrics are very abstract... close to a poetic style. Most of the topics are about death, the illusion of existence, loss of desire, the sun, the moon, etc... I tend to play with opposites. Words almost never reflect the logical interpretation, as the lyric would suggest.

Embers : Where can people contact you to order the demo and what is its price?

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of Book of Illusions: Chapter I or II, they can contact me at: vle25@hotmail.com

Embers : What is the url to your homepage? Who manages the page?

I hope to have an official web site soon...