Review by Bereavement
English Translation by V. Kovalenko

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

The familiar track Kano from Chapters I and II introduces us again to the realm of flowing guitars, voices and short outbursts, covering the listener with infinity, much in the same way it is portrayed on the cover work-the human body is small and frail, while the ocean extends as far as eyes can see. Still, there is life in that little body, in which there is also an ember of perceptive consciousness. Music in this album is built around such contrast: sometimes furious guitars pierce the ears, distorted vocals are everywhere-but, a tender and frail melody never leaves the essence of this entity.

VLE becomes a part of its listener, whose rule from now on is to not turn back. To not remember the storm of earlier tracks as you listen to the light breeze toward the albumıs end.

Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II

It is not so hard to come across a project with only one person behind it these days; however, to discover original and quality music in such a project is almost impossible.  In such projects, improvisation (creativity) is usually due to a virtuoso skill level of playing an instrument.  Be it improvised jazz or guitar solos, which by their definition must free the man-instrument-music band from the difficult barrier of performance technique, in such cases usually the opposite happens: playing takes over the music, and perfection of sound becomes the goal in itself.  As Nobukazo Takemura has said, the performer gets trapped in the cage of self-indulgence.

VLE, however, take a different path, employing a relatively simple technique, constant guitar riffs or keyboard accompaniment-but, the component of music here is what stands out, as a whole.  It is amazing how from the first time you listen to the album you get a collage-like impression, with visions, images, and aspirations taking form and changing one after another.  It is not for nothing that music style describing VLE, uses the term that you can usually meet in the ambient/electronic world, soundscape.  There can be chaos in the monotonous, with surprise nuances; for perception of a single track, or part of the work.  The record is natural in a way that you don't have to "get in the mood" in order to perceive the outside world in a different way you listen to it.

As you discover the world of VLE, it does not ceast to amaze you.  Each time you see it from a different angel, as you listen to sinister black-metal riffs and distorted sound, strangely inconspicuous ambient vocals with psychedelic hues turning into quiet, almost serene, keyboard tracks(parts).  Both chapters begin with keyboard/percussion Kano, thereafter each adopting a separate identity.  The first one reminds you of Burzum/Bathoy, and the second one is like a narration of travel around planet G.E.N.E-they compliment and add to each other, connecting at the fleeting concept of creation that you find at the fraction a moment between reality and sleep.

You expect this strange journey to continue as soon as the last track of chapter II is over...