Interviewer: DeAtHg0d
September 2003

I rode somewhere that the VLE stands for "the eViL onE", is that right? Why you choose this name? And would you also explain the means of your works?

The letters VLE are taken from the phrase the eViL onE. Unfortunately, I have come across many frightened people that like to judge me. They see me as this evil dark individual... and for a while I started to believe this myself. I began signing the end of my letters with ~the eViL onE~ as a sort of sarcastic mocking. So when I first released this music I decided that I would just refer to myself as ~the VLE~ and call my project VLE. The music is just a reflection of this misinterpretation... the illusion as seen through eyes of the flesh. In the end, VLE is just a Virtual Listening Experience, nothing more.

I noticed a more aggressive feeling on Chapter I & II and a more atmospheric sound on Chapter III, do you do this for a reason or is simply a natural evolution?

Hmm, I think most people have expressed that Chapter III is more aggressive, but basically there was no calculated evolution on my part. It's just how the music came out. First you have to consider that I wrote most of the material years ago. I was not even sure that Chapter III would be released. Book of Illusions is just a depiction of my life through sound... an emotional rollercoaster through the darkness and light. Where the basic theme running through every song is the ascension towards chaos... and it is proving to be an ongoing struggle...

I think that your work is very interesting, and very eclectic, we can listen very different influences: Black Metal, Ambient, Goth-rock, why did you choose to mix all this different genres?

There is no method to the way I write. I do whatever I want however I want. My goal is release... for me music is my only outlet for pure unadulterated expression of mind, heart and spirit. I am a very open minded musical connoisseur, so I guess that has some influence on how I write as well, but from the moment I started creating my own music, the notion of style and genre have been irrelevant. For me, it's always been about expressing oneself openly without any limitations.

I know that you use "experimentation and improvisational techniques", can you explain in what consist those techniques?

The music is created without a set pattern or prior thought of how the outcome of a piece should be. For instance, I sit down before the keyboard and place my hands on the keys and record the sounds as they happen. When I finish recording this initial release, I then add other sounds, phrases, and outside instrumentation to the initial progression until I feel that the piece is finished. This is determined by how I feel when I listen back to all the sounds together. I don't use any programming techniques like loops, mainly because I don't know how to do it. All the music is created in real-time... even the drum sounds (except in the case of Kano). A piece may start with keyboard/synth, guitar or a simple vocal melody. Some songs were done within a few hours, some a few days or months and in a few cases years. Each time I create, it is because I have to express myself... I have to do something in order to regain some sense of calm. It is one of the few outlets available to me. It's just me recording sounds and working with those sounds until I feel I have nothing left to express. Some songs have started with just guitar and I don't re-do the tracks, so there is a lot of timing errors and notes that are played incorrectly as well. There is no technical aspect to it at all... it is only that I have a way that I do things and I don't try to really understand or analyze it. I regard every musical experience as some sort of emotional exchange, so I suppose this ultimately affects how my music is created. Basically this music was meant for me as a way to release dark feelings within myself, which were becoming quite stifling. I didn't plan on anyone else hearing the music so I never paid attention to the details of proper recording techniques and such.

Why do you start your life as musician?

When I was young my father and mother played a lot of classical and religious music around the house. I always enjoyed just sitting alone and listening to music. At some point I started to entertain the idea of playing drums. I used to bang on things around the house as I saved up money for my own drum set. Then one day I heard a song called "Crying" by Yngwie J. Malmsteen… it was then that I decided to purchase a guitar instead. From that moment on I took the art of creation through sound very seriously as I realized it was the only thing that gave me any true sense of joy, hope and peace of mind.

Will you continue to record in this way? Will you enjoy to create music under the VLE name with other people or you feel the need to continue your work without anyone?

I don't have a strong desire to work with others as I already have a band that I work with on different music. It would be interesting to have my music performed by musicians in a live setting, but I just can't imagine it happening. A situation like that usually requires that you pay musicians to play what you want and I have not the financial means to carry out such an arrangement. I don't know what I will do in the future. I have no plans to release more music under VLE, but then again I never planned any of this to begin with. If I do release more music under VLE it will be different but the same. Like I tell everyone, I have only hopes and dreams... so expect the unexpected.

Can you tell us anything about the new material? (if you have new material :p)

I wish I could. Honestly, I don't know what you will hear next from VLE because it's all about mood with me. I may create some newer stuff, but it depends on how I feel. I couldn't tell you how it will sound… hmm, maybe it will be an all acoustic work with some raging black metal vocals. I don't know, but whatever comes out I hope others will be open to hearing it.

Will you play on live set? And, if the answer is "yes" will you use session-men?

No, unfortunately that is not a possibility or desire for me right now.

I noticed that you really want to bring yourself and the listeners to an introspective travel, you want to let us dream, you speak about noise,chaos,beauty and darkness and duality, so I think that you're involved into more philosophic and/or psichologic and/or exoteric studies, your eclecticism, your mixing, are these a try to unite the opposites?

Yes, I do have some beliefs and ideologies that influence how the sounds are put together and are then translated to the listener. The only point of my music is release. As a result of sharing it with others, I have come to realize the music has transcended my own individual purpose. So for me, the music has allowed me to travel even more. As is the case with most people, I have my own philosophy on life and the way I choose to live it, but I don't expect others to care, understand or accept it. So all I can say is that if this music moves you the way that it moves me, it can only mean that you too share some of the same hopes and dreams as I do.

Are you involved in other musical or artistic project?

Yes, I am the guitarist for another band.

You seem to be very reserved person, (neither photo of you nor informations about your life) but quite balanced and serious(not the classic "sad, angry but intellectual, dark boy), do you prefer to give us an idea of how you really are or you think that a classic (and sometimes false) image of yourself is more important? Why?

I am just like you... human.

Ok thank you a lot, I hope to get in touch with you and your great works again! Then, as tradition teach, you got all the space you want to write wath you want ;-) :

Thanks for showing interest in my music and your patience through one of my extended hibernation periods. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know when I release some more noise... until then... if anyone is interested in purchasing copies of my current discography, please go here: http://www.geocities.com/thevle/paypalorders.htm or write to me: vle25@hotmail.com