All music created and performed by ~the VLE~

Guest musician Michael Molina performs acoustic drums on "Kano".

All CDs feature the stunning artwork of Disney artist:
Christophe Vacher

StygianCrypt {RUS} Christcrusher {UK}
CorvusDiscos {Chile}
Diskery {CAN}
Lelahel {Algeria}
Chapter I
01. Kano -MP3-
02. Freedom To Fly -MP3-
03. Behold The Night|||Beyond Sunsets -MP3-
04. Timeless
05. 3 In 5
06. Drift
07. Stark -MP3-

Chapter II
08. Kano -MP3-
09. The Dancer -MP3-
10. Trilogy Of The I -MP3-
11. AMintro
12. AMtheme
13. Scotland
14. A Scene From A Tree
15. In Silence
16. Stark -MP3-
17. A Fortunate Reversal

Time: 49 min. of VLE Darkness and Beauty

$7.00 US/World pp.
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