Review by Gnom

Book of Illusions: Chapter III

Here next disc mysterious Mr. VLE.  Binding graphic part III is approximate to previous parts stylistically.  The first track Kano comes from "... Chapter II".  This is so miraculous tune that it introduces me in state of deep melancholy and musing about far sense existence on Earth.  They which ones do not know this piece I will remind, that this is connection VANGELIS with gentle, melodious - obviously "metal's guitars".  The next track The Arrival is connection of choral sounds of acoustic guitar, gentle the melancholy - the psychedelic solo with low singings, and rather with the lamentations.  This track announces already, that "... Chapter III" will be more metal.  From next track appears already quick although melodious black metal.  Following faraway we encounter on tracks in which reign melodious Gothically - black metal of guitar with considerable quantity of melodious solo parties and acoustic, enriched gentle vocals, choral, and parties of growling, or the black metal of screech.  The tracks are enriched with keyboard intros or outros.  The whole is marked powerful darkness, melancholy and here and there psychodelia.  The pace of tunes is varied enough.  Too low vocals are only minuses as well as "dry" sound of guitars.  However in spite of all the VLE is overcrowded emotionality of tracks (from possessed of aggression till bliss and nostalgia).