Interviewer: Gnom
June 2002

VLE - sounds very mysteriously. This is both your pseudonym and name of project founded by you in 2001 year. Properly I am interested which one is genesis of mysterious word "VLE"?

The name VLE is derived from the term "the eViL onE" as I am perceived and misunderstood. VLE is just another channel for my own personal expression… a Virtual Listening Experience… nothing more.

Inspiration to creations of project was among other things sunset ocean, darkness, silence and all what calls out at man different emotional states or moods like chaos, beauty, light, pain, harmony, whether power... Why as of carrier of excitement you used music and not for example of poetry, of pictures, whether of other forms of artistry?

Although in the past I have used art and writings as a means of communication, it is only within the realm of music did I find the surest path. Music is my life… it is the only reason I continue to inhabit this earth.

Wait, wait... Your last maxim sounded very suspiciously. How I have this understand, that it is to say - when you would not create music your life not had meaning on the Earth???

What I mean is that for me, music is something that has given me reason to exist from day to day. I honestly believe if I did not create within this realm, I would not desire a place on this earth.

VLE I think, that you believe in existence outside carnal in other dimensions or even other material worlds...

In a more spiritual sense, yes. Not sci-fi or religious.

In your music I scent of many influences e.g. ambient, new age, gothic, black metal. It creates enough interested fusion artistic. I know that all you recorded alone except percussive tools, which served your friend Michael Molina. But I think that you chose these musical sorts not without reason...

Throughout my life, I have absorbed many different musical influences so it is quite natural for me to write in different moods/styles… I can only create what appeals to me. Yes, Michael Molina played acoustic drums on "Kano" and I used the drum sounds from synthesizers on all others tracks. I utilized whatever instrumentation available to me at the time.

Your figure I take more as philosopher and not musician (what does not means, that I negate your musical skills). If I do not make a mistake then you surely possess own way to eternities or nonentities...

I wouldn't consider myself a philosopher, but I do possess very strong ideals and personal views. The music of VLE is definitely a reflection of this.

I suspect, that your lyrics also are not banal, but from right low qualities sung of party I was not in a position to catch no words (skipping fact, that my English is not best)...

Some of the vocals are low in the mix, because generally I treat vocals as just another instrument. Also it is the first time I have ever used my voice on a recording and let others hear it. I never feel comfortable singing, but I felt that there were instances where I wanted another instrument to express certain emotions… that is when you will vocals. All lyrics are based on my own peculiar thoughts, feelings and concepts, which are expressed in a very ambiguous poetic style. I don't plan to ever release the lyrics, so I guess people will continue to wonder what the hell it is I am screaming about.

Every your composition are gifted intriguing title e.g. "Kano", "Trilogy of the 1", "Stark", whether" 3 in 5", "Drift". On surely titles of every compositions are not without meanings?...

Yes, everything has meaning… the question is how relevant it is. The song titles are taken from my own personal feelings and how they are related and represented within the music. "Kano" is a story of rebirth. Basically it represents an opening up of the self. It begins with birth and goes through a period of existence filled with confusion, which gradually shifts towards genuine chaos… the awakening of the soul. It's a very abstract interpretation, but it is not really meant to be concrete in definition of concept. The changing atmospheres tell the story very clearly. There is ascension towards chaos… which is the atmosphere running through most of my works. Here, you can equate chaos with knowledge or power. "3 in 5" is all about reflection. It's a very dark and abstract piece. I feel there is a lot of darkness in all of us and with this song I was trying to descend deeper and deeper into darkness because I wanted a taste of the beauty there. A way to escape the false existence of the "sunshine world" we like to create for ourselves. I was searching for something dark, beautiful and very calm… that which I can't obtain in this world.

You do not affirm however, that existence of man leaning is on harmony, that is intention of Something powerful (of all-embracing Energy) and then is not without reason. I think, that chaos is contrast of harmonious Energy. Man feeds existence of chaos, often consciously or unconsciously penetrating into chaos.

In literal terms, I suppose you are correct, but the chaos I am referring to is used as metaphor and encompasses the entire existence of all matter as it relates to human suffering and happiness. One man's harmony is another man's hell. What I am trying to relate is that within chaos there is harmony and vise versa. Have you ever felt utter happiness? That is chaos. Have you ever felt utter despair? That too is chaos.

First part "Book Of Illusions" carries from oneself many excitement to begin from of melancholy, sufferings, of romanticism (thanks ambient of parties) and finishing on aggression, angers, hatreds (thanks to gothic-black metal - standards). Instead second part "Book Of..." is already more quiet material, crowded delicacy but also and with melancholy (with help of music keyboards-instrumental). You announced, that you will give last, third part "Book Of...", which was recorded in this same time what two preceding parts. What was reason of delay of edition "Book Of Illusions: Chapter III"?

No real reason other than I have yet to find the time or motivation to organize and release it… hopefully soon this will change.

I thought, that in opportunity you will mention several of favourite bands, so now I am forced to ask you about this immediately... hahaha...

I listen to all kinds of music… Metal (black, death, doom, progressive, avant-garde, etc), classic rock, easy listening, classical, ethnic music, old country music, gospel, some jazz, and other stuff I can't classify. If it moves me, I will listen to it. I get this question a lot, but I if I started to list even one band, then this interview would be a few more pages long… sorry.

I am interested which one excitements at this time you transferred on notes, because I would want you would characterise this unknown me material.

Chapter III will be the most aggressive, dark and diverse of them all. There will be more songs with vocals as well. Although the music is already recorded it is not all mixed. I hope to improve on the production quality this time as well, but since a lot of the original material began on a shitty 4-track, it kind of limits the potential for a pristine production. Still, I don't think the production quality will be much worse.

I have impression, that you do not have intention to create still music. If I am right - why?

If you mean to ask will Chapter III be the end of creative works under the name VLE, then the answer is no. Chapter III only marks the end of the Book of Illusions trilogy expressed through the music entity VLE. I will never stop creating music. My creative methods will not change, but maybe the production quality will.

Have you already some skeleton future musical creations? Perhaps on this theme something dreams in your head?

All the music I create should be understood as being representations of my dreams, because it all generates from the subconscious. As for new material out side of the stuff on Chapter III… well, yes… I always have ideas floating about somewhere in my head. The real question is, will they ever be released?

Properly what you bind plans with one's own creation? Which one was aim this of trade? What you wanted to reach through recording these of three materials?

Illusions are real…

What do VLE do on every day?

Just as every other living creature… exist.

You are mysterious and moreover very thrifty in words. I hope, that your last statement will be long and rich in message from Vle for readers BORN TO Die'zine???

Well, since I'm not very good with words, I'd just like to invite all you Born to Die freaks to my domain… come experience my world of illusions and leave your mark. Gnom, thanks for your interest in the mind behind VLE. Play it loud! Hail and Kill!!