Interviewer: Hioderman
August 2002

Anaites Zine) You are the solitary soul behind the music of VLE, why to opt for doing everything without another musicians' help. Do you think the essence of VLE should be only for coming of the mind of an only one to be?

~the VLE~: I didn't opt to do anything, it's just how things came about. It was all spontaneous and unplanned. Of course, any musician could play the notes, but it would never sound or feel the same. The atmosphere would be quite different… the result wouldn't be an expression of my true emotions, which is exactly what VLE is. For me it is not so much how the music sounds, but how the feelings are expressed and understood. Everyone has a different way of expressing the same note, word, thought, desire, dream, and emotion…

Anaites Zine) All the recordings of " Book of Illusions " compositions that come is that moments and of which feelings they were created?

~the VLE~: Each song was created at different times. Some were created years apart, so there are a lot of different sonic expressions throughout each chapter of Book of Illusions. These collections of sounds are all a reflection of my subconscious and therefore reveal the different emotions that I have experienced throughout my life. At these times I felt the need to escape or rather retreat to the only thing in my life that I know could not harm me. Music has always been the purest form of expression for me. It is within this creative process that I feel a sort of purging or rebirth.

Anaites Zine) "Freedon to Fly" (B.O.I.: I) he has an atmosphere we say that mystic, cosmic and that reflect us distorted thoughts. Do comment with its words the message that this expressed music?

~the VLE~: I think the message is just as you understand it. I could tell you about the lyrics, but would that change what it means to you? It shouldn't, but it would so that is why I choose not to put too much emphasis on lyrical meaning and such. It is far more interesting and meaningful for the listener to find the message for himself or herself.

Anaites Zine) You are fan of bands as THE 3RD AND MORTAL, LACRIMOSA, AGHORA, IN THE WOODS, BURZUM? - These are you influence for VLE?

~the VLE~: I find it strange that people draw comparisons between the works of VLE and Burzum, especially since the music of VLE was created before I even heard the name Burzum. Still, I take it as a great compliment because his work is respected within the underground. But to tell you the truth, I have only heard a few of his works and recently someone sent me copies of a couple of his CDs. I only found a few moments within a song or two that moved me. So no, I am not a fan of Burzum. I have heard one or two samples of music by Lacrimosa and Aghora, which sounded ok, but I would not consider myself a fan of their music. I like some of The 3rd and the Mortal but I am more a fan of In the Woods... As far as musical influences are concerned, I mark Yngwie J. Malmsteen as the most influential, but I don't think anyone would say they can hear this within the music of VLE. It is all so relative you know. I believe whatever affects me in a positive or negative way will have an influence on the art I create.

Anaites Zine) Other bands exist at its country that they follow the same line of VLE?

~the VLE~: Hmm, I'm not sure… what line would that be? I don't know what genre or "line" of music VLE falls under. So, I guess the answer is no?

Anaites Zine) You think of summoning people for a possible live show?

~the VLE~: No.

Anaites Zine) How is it to hear its music after I finish it of the recordings (to hear the sounds that you created/did it imagine)? - Were You satisfied with the final result?

~the VLE~: The result is never as I imagined it, because I don't imagine how it should be in the first place. The music was all improvised and the process doesn't lend itself to too much logical thinking really. I just press the record button and play. I do this over and over again. Then I listen back to everything and if I feel that I have nothing else to express… it is done. It could be 2 notes for 7 minutes or a multitude of layers and time changes for less than 1 minute. So for me, the result is always as it should be. And I don't just use my ears to assess this, I use my mind, body and soul… so that when I close my eyes I can see everything.

Anaites Zine) "Book of Illusion" of how many will a trilogy be you leave, and did you already throw at 1st and 2nd part?

~the VLE~: There is only one chapter left of the trilogy. The first and 2nd Chapters are already released. Right now, you can purchase Book of Illusions:Chapters I and II CDs for $5 ea. USA/World through Christchrusher Productions: or just by contact me via email:

Anaites Zine) Do you intend to throw a CD contends the complete trilogy of VLE? - Have some recording one or dealer been interesting in throwing VLE?

~the VLE~: Funny you should ask as I have just recently been contemplating putting Book of Illusions: Chapter I, II & III on one CD, but I am still undecided. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Yes, I have had some labels interested in releasing the music, but they want me to re-record some of it to improve the production quality. Well, I have no desire to re-record any of this music so I don't think these labels will be able to do much. If there was a label brave enough to release the music as it is, then I am open to working with them. Right now I do everything myself but will soon work with others to expand the promotion and availability of the CDs.

Anaites Zine) The drawing of the layer of "B.O.I." can it be understood of several forms and thoughts (do I say that because I showed the CD to several people and did each one have a reaction different to the drawing and to the sound), what does this drawing reflect for you? And, the something this small one to be she does to the center of the light?

~the VLE~: The art that is featured on the CD cover of Book of Illusions: Chapter I & II was created by Christophe Vacher. I first came across this piece which is entitled, "The Legacy" some years ago and later when I decided to release the music of VLE, I contacted Christophe to ask permission to use his works. Lucky for me that he liked the music of VLE, so he agreed. For me, this particular piece had an immediate effect on me. I see it as a reflection of myself. It matters not that the individual is male or female as it is just a representation of a source of energy. It can also be seen as a non-human entity. In this regard, the figure could then represent a candle… the bright light that surrounds does not come from this candle, but from the knowledge contained in a book. But this knowledge or light is always surrounded by clouds/darkness and isn't easily read or understood. I am sure the artist had his own vision for this piece, but to me it possesses a very personal and surreal meaning. In this way, the visual art is directly related to the music. I will be using more of Christophe's art on Chapter III. If you want to learn more about his work you should visit his web site:

Anaites Zine) What literature type does attract you, what books did read lately and, does he/she/it exist some especially that influenced it / does it influence in VLE? ~the VLE~: I mostly enjoy reading non-fiction. I like reading about world history, serial/mass murderers, psychological texts, art, music and some other boring topics. Recently, I just I finished reading "Josef Mengele: The Angel of Death". Of the fiction I have read in the past, I mark these authors as outstanding and influential figures: Guy de Maupassant, Edgar Allen Poe, Richard Bach, Truman Capote, and Shakespeare.

Anaites Zine) Irmão ~the VLE~ I thank you vastly for entrusting its work Anaites Zine and also to congratulate you for creating this black atmosphere/mystic/beautiful/mysterious and captivating. In case you want to increase something more to this interview...!

~the VLE~: Hioderman, thank you for this most interesting interview. I wish you continued success with Anaites Zine and support of the underground. Soon I hope to release the Book of Illusions: Chapter III CD. All the music was pretty much recorded around the same span of time as Chapter I & II so it represents yet another path. Within the pages of Chapter III, you should expect the unexpected… Hail and Kill!! For more info, visit my domain, but don't forget to leave your mark. VLE: